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We Buy Houses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Cash at Options to Sell

Do you want to discuss what to do next with your house hassle-free? Are you looking to sell your house for the most amount of money? Maybe you thought about keeping it as a rental? Are you undecided and just need someone to bounce some ideas off of? Our professionals are available to you at no cost. We provide transparent and efficient service because we value our relationships. As one of the most reputable sources in the Philadelphia and New Jersey markets, we pride ourselves in fiduciary responsibility to our clients and most importantly our reputation.

“I saw them do it on TV. It looks easy. I can sell my house on my own.”

If you get down to the core of selling real estate to its simplest decision it’s Time or Money. If you need time you price aggressively factoring in condition and challenges. If time isn’t the constraint then you correct the issues to maximize the value or wait for appreciation. At least you hope the appreciation comes in your lifetime. Working with our professionals we will present the cost-to-benefit ratios of each of those decisions so you can take an informed next step in your journey. Instead of working with a traditional real estate firm consider using Options to Sell as your one-stop shop for multiple exit strategies resource center. Whether it is the AS-IS cash offer, listing on the retail market, the recommendation to discuss options with a lender or simply to do nothing our goal is to leave you better off than we found each other.


Keep It

Instead of selling; explore refinance options and the possibility of renting it! You can possibly take equity out of the house and let the tenant pay down the mortgage creating wealth! Mortgage rates are really reasonable. There is a thing called good debt in our investor world and a cash-flowing asset with a mortgage is good debt if the income exceeds a 1.25 DSCR (fancy stuff right? It means you collect way more rent than you pay in a mortgage is the basic idea.) Refinance to pull out cash or save on your high-interest debt monthly payments as well. If you need help finding tenants or property management, we can connect you with reputable companies for you to choose from.

List It

One of the best options for people wanting to sell is to be wise about who they work with. Who you work with matters and the commission rate you often find yields differently with different agents. We are powered by a nationally recognized Broker. It’s not just about selling 4 walls and roof it’s about providing the comfort a human being will experience when they walk into their home for the first time. The agents only get paid if they get you to the closing table. It’s a pretty good proposition if you are thinking about selling as the commission is earned not given.

Cash Out

Cash offers are mathematical equations. We provide a data-driven, competitive offer based on ARV, the price per square foot of renovation cost, built-in transactional cost, and whatever is leftover in the pie chart based on the factors for the asset acquisition goes to the selling party. When you are looking to sell it’s not always just about the most amount of money. This is at your pace, the path of least resistance, homes in the condition a retail market wouldn’t respond well to. There is no such thing as an investor offer at retail value. That is nonsense. Here is the math ARV x .75 – Repair Cost = MAO. There you are a real estate investor now!

Partner Up

Now, this is a unique proposition… If your property is not quite ready for a mortgage buyer on the retail market and you just don’t want to go through all of the stress associated with repairing it for the listing but the cash offer wasn’t quite there to take we have on occasion partnered up with clients. The Investor would handle the repairs and listing process. You retain ownership of the home and would be paid a pre-agreed-to amount upon the sale. I know! It’s a crazy and unique offering but there is a proven track record and case studies. It works…


“We wanted to extend our appreciation to you for buying our home. We avoided a financial disaster! Thank you Mike!”

Jill ans Zak Harden – 1/26/2020

“I was really skeptical at first. I thought I would be taken advantage of. They proved me wrong! Thanks for helping me sell my home in Pennsylvania, so I can enjoy my retirement in Florida”

Fran Segal – 11/12/2019

“We had to sell during the pandemic, and they made it easy”

Jerry and Caroline Jordan – 5/15/2020